Gigi Grant is the daughter of the Genie.

This doll is part of the 13 Wishes: Basics doll line.



Gigi wears a turquoise and pink top with black trimming, and angular sleeves and a V-neck. Her knee-length black pants are baggy with elaborate gold curlicues along the sides. She wears pink wedged babouches with curled toes and gold motifs. She accessorises with gold ornamental jewelry such as matching bangles and dangling earrings, and a gold lantern. She also has markings on her neck appearing to be a necklace, that are of a deeper shade than the pink of her skin. Her makeup consists of teal and gold eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and her hair is styled in a braid that resembles a scorpion's tail.


Not much is known about Gigi's personality Yet.


  • This doll comes with a pet, a stand, a diary and a brush!