Howleen Wolf is the little sister of Clawd, Clawdeen & Clawdia Wolf. She is also the Daughter of The werewolf.

This doll is part of the 13 Wishes: Basics doll line.


Howleen has pink hair and a black beanie. Her outfit is a purple leather jacket, a black dress with paw prints in dfferent colours, and yellow peice at the bottom and a blue belt with gold studs on. She comes with pink leggings and black boots with studs on and a gold peice around the top.


Howleen is seen as insecure, nosy and a little bratty. She wants to stand out, and be seen and be popular like her Older sister Clawdeen. In 13 wishes, she finds Gigi and wishes to be Popular.


  • This doll comes with a pet, a stand, a diary and a brush!